About Vibez

Located in the beautiful valley of Ogden, Utah,Vibez Mind, Body, Spirit is a new age, metaphysical, and spiritual retail shop and healing center.  Our store is full of tools and supplies. Whether it’s for smudging and clearing space, or meditation and balancing chakras, Vibez has what you need. Vibez also has a wide variety of crystals, incense, candles, gemstone jewelry, tarot cards, body care products, books, and more. There is something here for everyone. If you can’t find what you are looking for, just ask one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales associates, and we will get it for you. We truly care about our customers and want them to know and understand the meaning and purpose behind their purchases. For example, we sell intentional jewelry; therefore, we want to educate our clientele about the intention or spirit associated with each stone they choose and wear. 

Vibez is more than a retail shop; it is also a heart-focused healing center. We hold weekly and monthly workshops and classes dedicated to whole body wellness. From intuitive readings to guided meditations, our events are designed to bring about an awareness of and balance to self and spirit, as well as deepen one’s understanding of what it means to live life with positive intentions and how best to manifest one’s dreams. We want to help our clients grow spiritually and maintain their spiritual practice at every level on their journey to health and wholeness. 

We offer a variety of healing modalities and therapeutic bodywork, such as: massage therapy, reflexology, Reiki, chakra clearing and balancing, crystal healing, Ayurveda consultations, and ionic foot soaks-just to name a few.

Vibez understands what our customers are going through, and we want to help. Everyone here at Vibez has been through challenging and life-affirming experiences that have brought us through to a place of spiritual enlightenment. We genuinely care for and are passionate about helping our clientele discover the light that exists within themselves. 

We love our community and are dedicated to giving back. From our annual suicide awareness event, to our monthly Buddha offerings, Vibez believes in paying it forward with love and compassion. We encourage you to stop by and see for yourself what amazing opportunities we have here waiting for you.

Come be a part of our Vibez Tribe today!